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The Strangers On Montagu Street
Tradd Street series, Book 3
Setting: Charleston, SC
NAL, November 01, 2011
ISBN-10: 0451235266 ISBN-13: 9780451235268
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With her relationship with Jack as shaky as the foundation of her family home, Melanie’s juggling a number of problems. Like restoring her Tradd Street house…and resisting her mother’s pressure to ‘go public’ with her talent—a sixth sense that unites them to the lost souls of the dead. But Melanie never anticipated her new problem.

Her name is Nola, Jack’s estranged young daughter who appears on their doorstep, damaged, lonely and defiantly immune to her father’s attempts to reconnect. Melanie understands the emotional chasm all too well. As a special, bonding gift Jack's mother buys Nola an antique dollhouse—a precious tableaux of a perfect Victorian family. Melanie hopes the gift will help thaw Nola's reserve and draw her into the family she’s never known.

At first, Nola is charmed, and Melanie is delighted—until night falls, and the most unnerving shadows are cast within its miniature rooms. By the time Melanie senses a malevolent presence she fears it may already be too late. A new family has accepted her unwitting invitation to move in—with their own secrets, their own personal demons, and a past that’s drawing Nola into their own inescapable darkness…

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"...powerful emotions...Charming and complex living characters, combined with unsettled ghosts that balance uncanny creepiness with very human motivations, keep this story warm, real, and exciting."
Publishers Weekly

"A realistic balance among Melanie and Jack’s back-and-forth relationship, Nola’s angsty expressions, and the sinister overall tone is achieved with careful flair. Followers of the series will be eerily charmed, and those who enjoy their southern women’s fiction with a paranormal twist should gravitate toward this title, as well."

"White's latest will keep you in its grip from first page to last. The stalwartness of Jack and Melanie's neuroses is an intricate part of the magic of this novel and this series and will not disappoint." 4 1/2 stars
RT Book Reviews

"Karen White weaves all these elements into a smorgasbord of literary enjoyment. Her characters are completely delicious and the Charleston locales add the seasoning. White puts it all together to form a dish of delight for readers wanting something different."
The Huffington Post

"[W]ith White (a master wordsmith) at the helm, the novel is crafted with near perfect pacing and supreme structure to keep us wanting more, and more, and more…even after the last word is read."
Southern Lit Review

"Through deeply rich prose, White captures the true essence of Charleston by intertwining the sights and smells of the historic town with an enchanting story filled with ghostly spirits, love, and forgiveness."
Fresh Fiction

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